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11) Community launch

11) Community launch

In this module you're going to learn my super simple launch strategy to get tons of local subscribers on your newsletter and viewing your event list.

Best of all, this strategy is entirely free!

Here's a snapshot of what you'll be doing and the results you can expect from my own original launch back in 2021:

All I did was post a simple announcement in my town's local Facebook group, reacted to comments from those interested, then replied with a short note and the link to my newsletter opt-in page.

That's it. Nothing special, no tricks. I just asked a question and followed up with folks using my opt-in link in a 'specific delayed order' (explained below).

Now, I'm in a small rural town so you may blow past these numbers depending on the size of your community, but here was my net result after a few days to gauge the success of your own launch:

My post had a bunch of shares, 100+ reactions, and 143 comments. Within a couple days over 200 local folks were on my email list and already telling others about me. Plus, about a dozen folks emailed me directly thanking me for providing this great new service to the community.

If you follow the instructions below you should get similar results (or better).

Launch Instructions

Open up Facebook on your computer or phone, either works.

Navigate to the 'Groups' tab.

Search for the most active/primary group dedicated to your community and join it if you're not already a member. Mine is literally just 'Fairfield Iowa' with 7.5k members.

(yours might have a group title unique to your area. For example, my friend lives in Robbinsdale, MN but her main active community group on FB is called 'Birdtown Unedited'. If your town has a nickname known by locals try searching groups with that nickname too.)

Tip: your town may have multiple community groups as well. If so, start with the largest/most active for 'general updates' from locals.

(NOT a local buy/sell group, NOT a lost/found group, NOT a local crime group, etc... You want the main 'general info' group).

Within your general local community group, look for the option near the top of the group feed to create a new post.

Tap 'Write something' to begin your post.

An overlay box appears with options.


Before typing, tap the small rainbow box to choose a background color for your post.

I recommend a basic color background so your overlay text will be easy to read. If you pick a fancy background with designs some folks may find your post difficult to read. Stick with a basic flat color or gradient.

Next, start typing your announcement...


Keep it short & sweet but utilize this same framework:

  • Local callout!
  • Short note.
  • Want in?

You'll know if it's too long because FB will revert the post to a generic text entry and remove the color background. If that happens, delete some characters or spaces until the color box appears again. Now you know how much room you have for text to keep the color background.

Tip: change up words if you have to. Use short, simple language. If your town or community name is really long use an abbreviation or nickname everyone knows.

Review one last time.

When it looks good, hit the blue Post button.

Do NOT do a thing

After it's posted in the group close out of Facebook entirely. Seriously.

You will be tempted to reply to folks immediately, BUT DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE REACT OR REPLY TO ANYONE.

Let it sit for at least 24 hours.

The algorithm needs time to work it's magic and you want folks commenting they are interested. This will continue bumping your post to the top of the community feed showing it to even more locals, and more locals, and so on, creating a tidal wave of interest for you.

If you start giving folks the signup link before 24 hours is up you will have terrible results and miss out on a huge opportunity to get tons of signups. Just wait 24 hours before reacting or replying to any comments on your post.
Note: it's okay to still use FB for other stuff if necessary. You can even monitor notifications and 'view' your post in the group if you're too excited to wait. But remember, DO NOT react or reply to any comments on your group post for at least 24 hours. Don't even DM commenters or respond to DMs from local friends asking about it for 24 hours. Let the algorithm work it's magic.

Wrap up

In a couple steps we'll cover how to follow-up with commenters on your post after 24 hours has passed. There is a specific pattern you want to follow in order to maximize results for your initial launch.

While you wait for those 24 hours to be up, start the next step.

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