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Get More Foot Traffic

Wish more folks would swing in?

Give them a unique reason to visit your shop other than just to buy something.

The easiest way to do this is by putting on some sort of event (we don't mean a sale or promotion either, as outlined here).

Create a limited-time unique experience that draws in potential customers.

And as any retailer knows, when folks walk in the door they are exponentially more likely to buy from you.

So then the logic becomes... If more events equal more visitors, and more visitors equal more revenue, what types of events can we host to draw in more visitors, right?

What events should I do?

The first part of planning events for any brick and mortar shop is to only consider events that align with your ideal customer.

Bad example... A natural supplement store doing a bingo night would not get many sales, if at all, because folks just wouldn't show up. It doesn't make sense for the customer or business (no alignment).

Good example... If the supplement store put on a presentation about the healing powers of Tumeric they'd get a small crowd of herbal healing enthusiasts and folks looking to fix their health issues. Some would even shop around after to buy. That event makes sense for both the business and potential customer. Alignment.

Bottom Line: Figure out events that make sense for your shop and align with your target customers.

When you get a solid event locked-in follow our guide to get more local attendees.

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Need some event inspo?

Below are a bunch of super creative event ideas for all kinds of specific retail shops to help bring in more customers (must be a member to read).

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