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Low-hanging fruit

As you look for events to add to your community calendar a major problem will become EXTREMELY APPARENT that you can help solve.

TONS of local businesses, organizations, gov't groups, artists, vendors, instructors and so many others putting on local events... announce their events by posting a 'screenshot' of a flyer and not actually making an official FB event.

They just post a picture of the flyer.

Someone from the company or organization will make a post like this:

"Coming soon!"
(insert wall of text flyer pic)

The problem is Facebook recognizes that as spam pic immediately and won't show it to anyone. Yet the posting group/person "assumes" it will be seen by everyone in town.

Then the group/person wonders why nobody showed up for the event.

You will see this happen a lot.

Take note of the local organizations and companies posting events as screenshots of docs and flyer pics with no additional info because they need your help.