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BONUS - Post-Launch Growth Guide

BONUS - Post-Launch Growth Guide

Here are the 3 most important principles I've learned over the years for running a successful community calendar. Stick to these and you'll do great!

1) Keep it Full

  • Always be adding events - The more full your calendar looks, the more you become the best source for local event info. When you are the best source, more folks talk about you and visit. More visitors and people talking about you means more recognition and visibility for your business.

2) Be Reliable

  • Block regular time - Pick 1 hour you can set aside every week to check all your sources and "bulk add" upcoming events. Yes more events will always pop up that you should add on the fly, but by bulk adding 1 hour a week you ensure the calendar still always looks "mostly full".
  • Send the newsletter every week - Folks will begin to rely on your newsletter to remind them about checking the community calendar. Set a weekly reminder for yourself to send it out. If you can do it the same day/time every week that's even better. This will increase your open rates too as folks begin expecting it/looking for it in their inboxes.

3) Spread the Word

  • Add a share button - I use a widget tool called "ShareThis" that adds sharing icons to my calendar page. Just configure it and add the embed code to your Carrd.co calendar page.
  • Post on socials after sendouts - Doing this helps remind folks to check their email and draw in more local folks asking to join it.
  • Physical marketing helps a lot - Put your event list (.com) on flyers and pin them up on community boards around town. You can also put it on business cards to hand out at big local events, or door hangers and walk the neighborhoods hanging them up.

What Next?

Congrats! You're all done! Keep repeating these 3 main principles and watch your community newsletter grow. With a little time and effort you'll quickly become one of the most connected and influential people in town. Use this recognition and good-will for expanding your personal network, helping the community, or getting more visibility for your business. There's a ton you can do now that you run the most popular publication in town!

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