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How it works:

After becoming a Priority Sponsor just text or email us the deals you want listed at anytime & we handle the rest.

Plus, we add 🔥 emojis next to all of your deals so you stand out on the event list.

Keep sending us deals to include for as long as you remain a sponsor, cancel or pause your sponsorship anytime > no contracts.

Add Special Deals [+]

Got a 2-for-1 this Friday, or major deal coming up you want everyone to see? Only sponsors get to add specials.

Highlighted Offers [+]

ALL of your deals get 🔥 emojis to help you stand out on the list & draw more attention. Only sponsors get highlighted offers.

Highlighted Events [+]

If you put on events we can also add those to the list & highlight them too. Only sponsors get highlighted events.

Priority Check-ins [+]

Get priority check-ins from us to make sure all of your events & specials are included on the Austin Event List. Only sponsors get priority check-ins.

Marketing Guidance [+]

On the check-ins we'll also let you know where small tweaks could make a big impact in your other marketing efforts. Only sponsors get this level of expert guidance.

On-Call Support [+]

Want feedback on that new offer you're cooking up? Got a tech or marketing question? Just send us a text or call & we'll help you out. Only sponsors get access to our private line.

Custom Listings [+]

We can work with you to include announcements, repeating events, etc. based on your marketing needs. Only sponsors get custom help.


$97/mo | Unlimited Deals | Month-to-Month

Powered by Stripe

Why Sponsor?

Your support helps us continue growing this shared local resource to reach more folks in Austin, increase event participation & build a thriving sense of community.


Is sponsorship tax-deductible?

Yes! Since we offer services you would treat this as a 'marketing expense' on your taxes.

Can we include deals/events that require signup before-hand?

Yes! We work with you to add listings that remind folks to register before your event takes place.

Other calendars already exist for Austin, what's unique here?

Each have different events. We add them all & pull from multiple sources to give folks the most complete list of everything happening in Austin.

Does the city run this?

No. We are private citizens organizing to provide the best community resource we've always wanted.

Is there a contract?

No. Your support is month-to-month, cancel or pause anytime.

How does billing work?

Every month we'll charge the card on file and email a receipt until you request to cancel or pause.

How do I cancel/pause?

Just tell your support rep. We're all local to Austin & you'll have our contact info for easy access anytime (no robots).

Is my billing info safe?

Yes. All transaction are done securely via Stripe, a global financial platform. We have zero access to billing data.

Have other questions?

Just email our Community Manager:


$97/mo | Unlimited Deals | Month-to-Month

Powered by Stripe