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5) Sync account

5) Sync account

We're going to add that new gmail account to your phone.

IMPORTANT: whether you are on Android or iPhone, you must add the email account to your built-in/default email system within your phone... NOT a standalone gmail app. In order for the next step to work and make adding events to your calendar 10x easier you MUST add the email account to your phone's built-in email system.

Before you start, it may be helpful to write down your recently created event list email address and password on a sticky note so you can easily reference it.

For Andoid users, follow this help doc.

For Apple users, follow this help doc.

As you follow the appropriate setup process for your device you may be greeted with a menu asking what to sync (iPhone does this). If it asks, uncheck everything except mail and calendar.

(you don't need random contacts from your event list filling up your phone book)

After you're logged in/synced, you should be able to open up your built-in email app, select the inbox for your event list account, then see the default welcome emails sent by Gmail (if you haven't deleted them yet).

Tip: your phone may show the newly synced inbox as 'Gmail Account' by default. To change this, go into your settings > mail > accounts, then select the newly synced gmail account and change the description/label to say '(your town) Event List'.

To ensure it's synced to your phone, back out and select a different email account then send a test email to the new event list email addy.

Back out, then return to your event list inbox and see if that test email arrived. Hopefully it did. If not, wait a minute and refresh your event list inbox again.

Assuming that test email arrived to your event list inbox, start part 2 below...

Part 2 - Calendar Sync Test

On your phone, open up the default calendar app (not a separate calendar app you downloaded but the basic calendar app that came with the phone originally).

Look for the + icon to add an event.

(if on Android, after hitting the +, look near the top to select the calendar you want to add an event to. Select the event list calendar.)

Fill out the basic info for a test event. You can even just name it 'test' and set the time/date for an hour from now.

(if on Apple, you'll see an option below the details asking which calendar this event should go on. Tap and select your event list account.)

Tap 'Add/Save'.

NOW... back out and open up your web browser then pull up the URL where you embedded the event list calendar (either your personal site or that new domain if you went that route). Refresh the page.

Your event list page should now be showing the test event you just created.


Everything is synced and working as it should! You'll be adding a ton more events soon. You're golden and can start the next step.

If your test event isn't showing up on your event list page then reach out to me for direct help (my email is on the workshop home page).

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