RSVP: Free Custom Marketing Blueprints

RSVP: Free Custom Marketing Blueprints

Forget generic advice 👉 In this workshop you'll work 1-on-1 with our crack team of marketing wizards to make a custom plan that gets you seen locally & effectively.

What are the best channels/platforms to be on for your specific industry? (not all are equal).

Which tactics specifically can you use to reach more customers (& how)?

What 20% of marketing efforts will get you 80% of the results? (we 💚 efficiency)

Get answers to all these & your custom marketing blueprint at the workshop!

Price: FREE
Date: TBD* We're planning a date that works for the most people. Let us know which day is best for you below.

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*limited seats*

This event is officially organized by the With tons of local visitors every month we know how to get the word out in SE MN.
As a group we've worked for multiple marketing agencies and hold over 27 years of combined experience helping local companies promote effectively.

*limited seats*
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