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REPORT: 3 Secrets to Small Town Marketing Success

1) Local Attention is Dirt Cheap

If you can learn how to use self-serve ad platforms (most are pretty easy) you can get your events, offers, and services in front of mostly everyone in town for pennies on the dollar. For example, with the Fairfield Event List we can spend $20 to get the site in front of 1,000 local residents and draw hundreds of local clicks whenever we'd like (all trackable). Any restaurant, bakery, or yoga studio can do the same.

In fact, ANY local business, nonprofit, or civic group can get word out locally for practically nothing.

Whether you want to promote a special deal, or build a local email list for upcoming classes, there's never been a more affordable time to reach nearly every local resident than right now. And with how simple it is to use these self-serve ad platforms there's no reason to remain in local obscurity. Let the community know what you have to offer, it's dirt cheap!

Need help?

View our walkthrough on the easiest self-serve ad platform to reach everyone in town.

2) Local Events Reign Supreme

Folks in small towns love attending local events just as much as people in big cities. The only problem is there just aren’t as many events. This leaves folks in small towns craving for more to do.

If you’re a small business, nonprofit, creative, civic group or whatever, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND putting on fun regular events because local folks are chomping at the bit to have new experiences and they’re a great way give you more exposure in the community (plus drive revenue).

Your events don't have to be fancy either, use what you got.

For example, Veraison Wine Bar in Fairfield does regular wine education nights where folks can learn about new wines and pairings.

Need inspiration?

View our huge list of 72+ local event ideas here.

3) Secret Trick: Combine 1 & 2

Not many people know that you can use self-serve ad platforms to get your event in front of everyone in town for just a few bucks. When combined you can ensure your local event gets fantastic turnout.

For example, if you're running a garage sale imagine how much more stuff you'd sell if 1,000 people in town knew about it for just $20. That's less than what it would cost to buy posters and stakes from Walmart!

You can copy this as a business, individual, or nonprofit too.

The trick is to create a 'business page' on Facebook (if you don't have one already), then create an 'event' as the page owner. After your event is made hit the 'boost event/post' button. Set a radius of a few miles around town, pick a budget, and hit submit.

Now your event will be seen in the newsfeed of every local Facebook user in town. When they RSVP it'll show up in the feeds of all their local friends too, further amplifying your reach.

Congrats, soon everyone in town will be talking about your event (and attending)!