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7-alt) Opt-in form

7-alt) Opt-in form

Only follow this module if you previously created an event list page on Carrd.co using an earlier alternate lesson.

Step 1

Inside ConvertKit you should still be looking at your completed opt-in form in the form editor. It's ready to go.

Hit 'Save' again just to be safe.

Then hit the red 'Publish' button.

A new box appears with embedding options.

Javascript is already selected by default, hit the little red 'copy' button next to the code and copy it to your clipboard.

Assuming you're still logged into Carrd.co in another tab, click this template link.

Either you'll open it up directly in the carrd.co editor, or you'll have to select 'new site' in your dashboard (upper right corner) and choose the blank looking template that says [MyTown Events Newsletter].

Once inside the editor mode using the template called '[MyTown Events Newsletter]' you won't see much on the canvas.

Tap the grey box at top-center that says swap opt-in form (1).

Scroll down the left menu til the code section (2) and delete my form code, then right-click in that code box and paste in YOUR ConvertKit embed code.

Hit 'Done' (3).

Step 2 - Get DNS records

In carrd editor, tap the save icon in upper right corner (1).

Swap out [MyTown] with your own community and include your town's name in the description as well (2).

Scroll down to 'Action' (3).

Choose 'Publish to a custom domain' (1).

Type in your main event list .com domain name (2). For example:

  • highlandeventlist.com
  • birdtowneventlist.com
  • northavlevents.com

Take note of the A record targets.

Do NOT publish changes yet.

In a new tab, open up Google Domains and login again.

Step 3 - Add DNS records

Once logged into Google Domains, next to your domain name on right side hit 'manage', then on left side menu hit DNS, then on right side under custom records hit 'manage custom records'.

You should see this page now:

If there's already an 'A' type record (1), edit the 'Data' boxes by 'Adding more to the record' (2), then copy/paste in the two records listed on Carrd.co (3).

Hit 'Save'.

(If there's no existing 'A' type record, tap 'Create new record' and repeat the steps above. Hit save.)

Flip back to your Carrd.co tab and hit the green 'Publish Changes' button.

Like before, you'll see a popup saying it may take an hour or more to see your changes live on the web.

Here's what should happen:

  • In an hour or so, you should be able to pull up [yourlocaleventsite.com] and the signup form should appear.

Set a timer for yourself to check this.

Ultimately, from all the work we've done so far, you will have two live pages:

  • yourtownevents.com -> newsletter form
  • go.yourtownevents.com -> event calendar

When these are both live on the web, start the next step.

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