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8) Test the system

8) Test the system

At this point you should have 2 complete and working pages on your website (or 2 separate pages on carrd.co if using the alternate modules):

  • Newsletter opt-in page
  • Calendar events page

Now we want to test the 'flow' of this system and ensure it all runs smoothly for your future subscribers.

You're going to test this all out for yourself in just a second with an alternate email account, but first...

Here's what SHOULD happen when you test it:

  • Visit newsletter page -> sign up -> see instructions to check email -> go to inbox -> open important email -> click confirm & see events button -> be auto sent to event list calendar page

(it's okay there aren't any events shown on the calendar page yet, we'll get to that in the next step, right now we just want the 'system' itself to work)

1) Let's test!

Before running our test you'll want to use a secondary email account you have access to that is NOT THE SAME as the one used to create your ConvertKit account. We don't wanna use the admin addy of our Email Service Provider.

This could be your work email if you have a primary job, a spouse's email, or if you're like me... a spam email account I use when signing up for things on the internet and testing features. You can also Google search for 'temporary email' and use one of those options as well.

The most important part is that you have access to the inbox of this secondary email account so you can test the 'flow'.

In a new tab, open up the public facing, live newsletter signup page on your website.

Fill out your form using that secondary email addy and join your newsletter.

Does the correct success message appear?

  • If no, something is wrong and you'll have to go back to the previous module and double check step 3 (edit form settings).
  • If yes, continue.

In a new tab (or on your phone) open up the inbox of that secondary email account you signed up with and look for the 'important' email. Most newsletter providers are pretty good about sending that confirmation email immediately. If you don't see it right away, wait a few minutes and refresh your inbox.

Note: you might have to check your promotions folder or spam box. This can happen with new senders.

Does the incentive/confirmation email look the same as how you set it in the previous module?

  • If no, something went wrong and you'll want to go back to the previous module under step 3 (edit form settings).
  • If yes, continue.

In the email, click on the 'Confirm & See Events' button.

Did that open up the event list/calendar page on your website?

  • If no, something went wrong. Go back to the previous module and look under step 3 to fix (edit form settings).
  • If yes, continue.

The flow worked!

You're all set and can start the next step.

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