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9) Fill out calendar

9) Fill out calendar

In this module we're going to be adding a ton of local events to your calendar QUICKLY so your event list site looks more filled out. This way, when you launch soon, folks will be wowed by how plugged into the community you are.

To do this, you're gunna go back to Facebook (mobile app) and repeat what you did a few lessons ago (add to cal button).

In my experience, 50-60% of the total local events I find in any given week come from FB. You'll likely notice the same for your area as well.

And since FB has the one-button 'Add to Calendar' feature, you can get a ton of this week's upcoming events added in less than 5 minutes.

This makes adding the bulk of your community's events a breeze.

So let's get to it!

Repeat 'Add to Calendar' on FB:

Go back to the FB events tab on your phone.

Using the filters at the top (local & this week), look for another event happening in your specific community this week or next.

Click on the event --> verify it's actually in your town --> tap the 3 little dots --> add to your community calendar.

Back out to the event feed.

Find & add another upcoming event to your calendar.

(it should only take less than 10 seconds per event)

Keep repeating this process until you think you've added ALL the listed events in your community for the coming week or so.

(you'll know when you've got all the upcoming local events added because you'll start seeing more events for weeks and months in advance)

Pro-tip: I only add events for this coming week because most local folks only care what's happening soon anyways (not 2 months down the road).

When you think FB starts showing events really far away or months down the road then you can stop.

Now pull up your site's public event list page.

It should be showing a bunch of upcoming local events for your area now.

Here's mine for reference:


Your event page "should" look kinda similar (with different events obviously).

If it looks sparse that's okay for now, we've only added from one source at this point. You'll be learning about all the other sources in the next lesson so your community calendar includes EVERYTHING, and positions you as the "all knowing local leader" keeping everyone connected.

When you're ready, start the next step.

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