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3) Customize & copy code

3) Customize & copy code

You should be logged into your new gmail account.

Look in the upper right corner for the grid icon, open it and select 'Calendar'.


Now you should be on your calendar page.

First look in lower left and uncheck all calendars except your main one (it'll probably have your account name there as the default main calendar). Then look for the gear icon up top and open up the calendar settings (2).


Now you should be in the calendar settings.

On the left-hand side scroll down and click on your main calendar (1). Now you will see an option to change the name of your calendar. Change it to something straightforward like '(your city) event list' (2).

In my case, I'll change it to 'Fairfield Event List'.


After changing your calendar name you'll see it reflected on the left-hand side.

Sticking to the left-hand menu, click on 'Access Permissions', then ensure the box is checked to share with the public (shown below) AND that it's set to see all event details.


Next, on the left-hand side a little further down click on 'Integrate calendar', then the 'Customize' button (shown below).


This will open a new Tab so you can choose how you want the calendar to look visually on the web.

(You won't see any events yet but that's okay, we'll be adding those soon.)

First, uncheck everything on the left side except 'Tabs'.

Second, uncheck 'Border'.

Third, set the default view to 'Agenda'.

Fourth, click the Copy icon to save the embed code to your clipboard.


IMPORTANT: try not to copy anything else to your clipboard until you're done with the next step (pasting the calendar code to a web page), otherwise you'll have to come back here and re-do the previous two steps.

If you want, you can keep this tab open in case you need to come back and copy the embed code again for whatever reason.

With your calendar embed code copied, start the next step.

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