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2) Make a new account

2) Make a new account

Creating a new Gmail account is a requirement for the rest of the steps to work.

Go to google.com and search for 'Gmail' to sign up.

If you already have an account the first link will just bring you to your inbox. If that's the case and you're already logged in then click on your profile pic in the upper right corner, then click 'Add another account'.

In the prompt box, look for 'create account'.


Picking a username

For the sake of ease, I recommend picking a username/address as close to the name of your newsletter as possible.

For example, if you made a placeholder page on your site called 'Richland Event List' or bought the domain name richlandeventlist.com, then see if you can create the following gmail account:

  • richlandeventlist@gmail.com

If for whatever reason it's already taken try a different variation or add a number.

After you find an available name continue the Gmail account creation process and log into your new account (remember to save your password!).

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