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1) Where will your event list live?

1) Where will your event list live?

Eventually you'll be embedding your event calendar on a page somewhere online so folks can access it. This could either be on a brand new domain name you purchase, or a property you already own (like your personal website/portfolio).

Either option works, they just have different steps involved so deciding now where you want your calendar to live will inform the next steps in the setup process.

"I have a website already."

The easiest and cheapest option is to just use your current personal website or portfolio site (assuming you have one). Then make 2 blank pages as a placeholder for now. One called 'newsletter' and another called 'event list'.

For example, we made the following 2 pages for our site here:

  • villageboom.org/fairfield-newsletter

You'll come back to these later and add content like I have, but for now you can move on to the next step after your 2 placeholder pages are made.

"I do not have a website."

If you're starting from scratch, or just want your community event newsletter to live on it's own URL, I recommend purchasing a new domain from Google Domains for $12. They are simple and affordable, but any registrar will work if you have a particular preference.

Run some searches to see what's available then pick the easiest one for people to say and remember. Simplicity is always better with domain names.

Here are some ideas (obviously swap in your city/community name instead):

  • richlandeventlist.com
  • richlandtxevents.com
  • eventsinrichland.com
  • richlandnewsletter.com
Important: Do not purchase the workspace add-on. A custom email address is cool but it's unnecessary for a local event list and will complicate the next steps.

Once you buy a domain name you can start the next lesson.

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