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Secondary launch follow-up

Use this trick semi-regularly to get more local folks on your events newsletter.

All you're gunna do is make an 'update post' in your local Facebook group about all the folks who signed up for your newsletter so far. What this does is get you in front of more folks who maybe haven't signed into FB lately or know about your newsletter yet.

(some folks only check FB like once a week/month)

A great time to make this 'update post' is a week or two after your initial launch, then keep making these update posts every other month or so.

It'll help build the legitimacy of your local event newsletter when folks see how many have joined already, as well as create a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) for any folks who haven't signed up yet.

Here's the 'update post' I made:

63+ reactions and 100+ more comments!

This is why you make a secondary launch follow-up post.

Plus, you'll see more business owners and other local organizers ask how to get on your list too since they may have been busy the first time you posted.

How to make an 'update post':

Do this in the same local FB group you made the launch announcement in.

Copy what I did above and make sure to use the same 'color box background' option so it stands out in the group feed (and people's main newsfeeds).

Use your own numbers too. If you hade 240 signups use that.

Post it.

And just like before...

Do NOT respond to comments immediately.

Let your update post sit for 24 hours before responding to anyone.

As folks add comments it'll keep bumping your new post to the top of the group feed, further showing it to even more local folks.

And similar to before...

After 24 hours, ONLY respond to a handful of comments. Then take a break for half a day and respond to a couple more. Break til tomorrow, respond to a few more. Repeat.

The more you can stretch out responding to folks, the more times your post will appear at the top of the group feed... getting even MORE locals to see it (and ultimately signup for your local events newsletter).

That's what you want, so milk the response time between comments to get the FB algorithm showing your post to the maximum number of local folks.

Wrap up

After you do this the first time, do it again a month later. Then repeat every other month or so. Letting local folks know how big your event newsletter is getting helps cement the idea of community coming together, and they won't wanna miss out on that. Plus, it helps all the other new arrivals in the area instantly plug-in and feel part of the community too... All because of you.