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13) Launch follow up

13) Launch follow up

Only start this module if it's been at least 24 hours since announcing the newsletter in your local FB group.

If it has NOT been 24 hours yet, either check out the 7-Day Launch Checklist, or set a reminder on your phone to come back here in 24 hours.

Note: you can do this module on your phone, but I've found it easier on my laptop.

After 24 hours...

Your group post on FB should have several dozen comments by local folks asking to get on your newsletter. You will now start responding to a them, but only a handful. I'll explain why 'only a handful' in a second.

In your browser, bring up the 'live' public facing opt-in page you created for your newsletter then copy the URL.

Next, pull up Facebook.

Go to your post in the community group and tap 'view all comments' so they are all loaded into the thread.

Starting with the first/oldest comment at the top, react to it (like, love, or wow) then hit 'Reply' so that person's name is tagged in your reply.

  • Write a little note like shown in the picture above.
  • Press Shift-Enter twice to create a line break.
  • Paste in your opt-in URL.
  • Hit Enter to post your reply.

Repeat that process for ONLY a few of the oldest comments on your post.


Don't reply to everyone yet. Only 5% of comments for now.

Go do something else for several hours, then come back later and repeat this process for another 5% of comments.

Wait until the next day (Day 3 of the 7-Day Launch Checklist) and reply back to a few more. Wait another day. Repeat.

Keep milking out the time between replies by only responding to a few people each round, then wait again for a while, repeat.

The 7-Day Launch Checklist in the bonus section outlines this strategy.

Here's why we do it this way:

Facebook naturally pushes the most recently 'active' post to the top of the group feed. As other members make other posts, yours gets pushed down further in the feed (less people seeing it).

When you respond to a comment on your post, FB considers it 'active' again and pushes it back to the top of the group feed (more people seeing it and commenting).

By stretching out the time between responding to folks on your original post you can effectively keep appearing at the top of your community group feed for an entire week, getting even more attention and signups.

This is like being on the front page of your local paper, above the fold, getting seen by everyone in town for an entire week.

Done correctly, with replies timed out, it should take you several days to follow up with every comment from your original newsletter post in the local group.

That's okay, it's what you want.

Pro-tip: As you reply to folks with your opt-in link some will reply back with a "thank you" or a note of praise. You can milk the FB algorithm further (and move your post back to the top of the group feed again) by waiting to respond back to them later in the week with a GIF.

After several days...

Eventually there will be no more comments to respond to and your post will start getting pushed down the group feed as other people make new posts.

This is inevitable.

But by the end of the week you should have 100-200 signups on your email list, possibly more. That's a great start!

Pretty quickly those new signups will be telling THEIR local friends about your event list, further fueling more signups and local word-of-mouth about you.

When ready, start the first bonus lesson.

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