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BONUS - 7 Day Launch Checklist

BONUS - 7 Day Launch Checklist

Use this checklist when you start lesson 11 (community launch). It's at this point when the 7-day checklist below "begins".

Day 1:

Follow lesson 11, wait 24hrs as instructed before replying to anyone. This includes responding to any DM's that may come your way as well. You'll likely see multiple notifications start coming in regarding your post but don't do anything yet. Just wait after posting your newsletter announcement in the local FB group for 24hrs before replying back to anyone. You want the comments to build up.

Day 2:

You should have dozens of comments on your post now from people asking to get on your event list. Follow the first half of lesson 13 by only responding to a couple folks with your newsletter signup link (the opt-in page URL). Remember to select the little option in your comment section that says "view all comments". If for some reason only like 10 people asked about it so far, then just respond to a few of them with the link. You want to leave like 90% of comments un-answered for now because you'll eventually respond to them throughout the week (which keeps bumping your original post back to the top of the FB group getting more attention and comments). Note: you can respond to DMs today too.

Day 3:

Respond back to a few more people in that group post you made and give the signup link. Again, leave 75% of the remaining comments unanswered.

Day 4:

Respond back to a few more people in that group post you made with your signup page link. Leave 50% of the remaining comments unanswered.

Day 5:

At this point you may not see very many people left to respond back to, but that's okay. Reply back to a few more with your newsletter opt-in page link but leave 25% of the remaining comments unanswered.

Day 6:

By now you'll probably notice there aren't many 'new people' commenting, but that's expected. Respond back to any remaining unanswered comments on your post. Be sure to select the 'View all comments' option under your post as well and comb through them all to make sure nobody fell through the cracks. Ensure everyone got a reply from you with the newsletter signup link now.

Day 7:

Do one final sweep of the comments on your announcement post. If any new people asked to get on it give them the link. If you see any follow-up replies by folks thanking you go ahead and respond with a funny gif or 'Like'. In the days ahead you may get a trickle of new comments on the post here and there. Just respond back appropriately, no need to wait anymore.

What Next?

Hopefully you have dozens of people signed up for newsletter by now, maybe even more! Check how many subscribers you have in your ConvertKit account and send me a quick email with how many you got this first week, I'm very, very, very curious to know!

Email Leon —> vb@villageboom.org

After you send me that quick note, then it's time to send your first newsletter!

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