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Start doing this NOW...

Brick-by-brick you'll soon become the most connected person in town with this simple strategy.

Go to your post in the local FB community group, click on every person who commented they "want in" so you see their profile, add them as a friend.

Add every person who commented.

Note: Facebook limits how many folks you can add in a day. If you get a message about this just wait a few days and try again. Repeat.

Anytime you make a secondary launch post, add the folks who comment there too.

Whenever you comment on a random post in the local FB group and people reply back, add them as a friend.

You can also look in the 'friends tab' under 'suggestions' as well (also called people you may know).

Tip: scan each profile to ensure they actually live in your town. 

Not everyone will 'approve' your request, but a TON will...

Especially as folks begin to see you're connected to 10, 20, 30+ other friends in the local community. When they get a friend request from you and see 24+ mutual friends they'll naturally approve your friend request.

They'll think, "who is this person that knows every one of my local peeps? Maybe I should know them too?"... Confirm.

The more local people you add as friends, the more 'connected' you appear to other local people you add. The alert they get says "this person has 35 friends in common", they click your profile and see you live in the same town... They confirm.

Tip: If someone messages you asking how you know each other just let them know you run the local event list site and like connecting with folks in the community.

Why we add local friends

It all has to do with the Facebook algorithm and getting your future posts more visibility, reach, and engagement. The more local folks you're connected with, the more you show up in their feeds.

For example, say you're connected to 125 local folks as "friends" on FB. Anytime one of them comments on your posts it will appear in the newsfeeds of all your other local mutual friends as well. FB shows your post to all mutual friends and highlights their comment as a way to spur more interaction among friends.

Here's what FB essentially shows them:

"Hey your friend made *this comment* on a mutual friend's post (your update about the local event list), do you want to chime in as well?"

Some folks even get notifications that mutual friends are commenting on your post to spur even more engagement. By adding more local friends you're "tending the soil" for future posts to get far more local reach and visibility.

The more local folks you add, the more impactful this technique becomes.

This helps your name appear more "omnipresent" in the community and that you're really good at social media in the eyes of potential local clients. They'll say, "I see her everywhere! Maybe she can help with my business?"

Wrap up

Start adding local people as friends today. Within a few months of repeating this process little by little you will ultimately become the most connected and visible expert in town.... which is GREAT for your event list and business!